JenJen is the Assistant Manager at The Zone, as well as a Group Fitness Instructor and NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer. She is also certified in customized nutrition as a Metabolic Typing Advisor, and offers a consulting service (through Quintessential Wellness at where she helps individuals identify their own unique nutritional needs and provides them with tools to help them achieve optimum health. The other "loves" that occupy her free time are music (especially a cappella), wine, trying new recipes, outdoor adventures, entertaining, event planning, volunteering, deep thoughts, and most of all…spending time with her family!

As a Personal Trainer, Jen aims to assist those who are just getting started with physical fitness and help them find a comfort level for making exercise a fun part of their regular routine and build a foundation necessary to meet whatever needs and goals are desired, whether it be mobility, strength, or overall health improvement. For those who already have physical activity as part of their schedule,Jen pushes the boundaries to make healthier individuals, maximize performance, and hit new benchmarks.